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Episode 22: Chadwick Contest

Bob and Andy compare the weight of their Chadwicks, there’s a report from a charity football match, some mild caravan chat and we learn about the ‘half rush’.

Episode 20: Consumer Special

Bob & Andy answer listeners’ consumer queries, plus air-fryer sock-drying, Steve McClaren goes on holiday and the Alderman has a kissing rival.

Episode 19: Shopping List Special

Bob and Andy forensically study each other’s shopping lists, the Alderman takes Bob for a ride and there’s more observational comedy.

Episode 18: Kiss The Buckle

The Alderman gets a new belt, Andy gets some dubious legal advice, Steve and Roy are on the decks and there’s some red hot grouting chat.

Episode 15: My Jambon Hell

Observation comedy from Bob’s Marseille hotel room, McClaren’s sunbathing woes, a charity do with the alderman and loads and loads and loads of ham.