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Reheated Mince Vol. 2

Some nice bits from episodes 16-25, including Steve’s mercy dash with Casper, Mark’s short-lived pest control career, and an encounter with Corbyn that ends in heartache for Bob…

Reheated Mince Vol. 1

While Bob’s away fishing, we thought we’d put out a compilation of some of our favourite bits from the earliest episodes of the podcast. This one includes jambon, Susanna Hoffs, the reverse toilet and a brief mention of a now-much-loved character…

Episode 69: Six More Fish

Jordan Henderson gives us a song, the guru drops in again, we enjoy a bread quiz and Peter Beardsley meets Nick Knowles.

Episode 68: Fun and Laughter

Steve McClaren’s QPR destroy and exit takes shape, Debbie Ali’s new eye thing is explained, a guru drops in, there’s a Barry Homeowner update and some more Fake or Legit…

Episode 67: Garden Centre Special

Due to overwhelming demand, it’s the GARDEN CENTRE SPECIAL, with horticultural retail input from Mince regulars – and Bob bravely recalls a chilling encounter in Homebase…

Episode 66: Catering Bacon

It’s a welcome return for the landlord AND Barry Homeowner, Mick McCarthy brings his dog in, we find out what’s inside the drawer, Andy tries to find out more about the showbiz centre while Bob teaches him some Beardsley…

Episode 65: Like A Chicken Wing

Including a revolutionary, world-changing pan-based business idea, Corbyn raining on Andy’s multi-wash and Peter Beardsley, the Alderman and a psychotic South African chef all convening at the same function.

Episode 64: Briefcase Droppings

Bob’s vacuuming heartache, a look back at happier times for the England squad, Mark Lawrenson reports from Russia, and we hear from Peter Beardsley and Dominic Littlewood as well as some other stuff and that.

Episode 63: Nut Quiz

Mark Lawrenson reports from Russia, Peter Beardsley provides a life update, there’s drama from the England World Cup camp and Andy sings about artisan bread. Oh, and there’s a nut quiz, obviously.

Episode 62: Specific Beef

Ruminations on carvery portions and hair transplants, some observational comedy from Mick McCarthy, more revelations from England’s World Cup camp and a return to management for Steve McClaren…