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Episode 55: Mouse on the Bonnet

Another trip to the British Manager’s Club, a Sunderland Tourist Board anthem, Dom Littlewood’s highly acclaimed ‘Who’s The Prick?’ game, Acker Bilk, a two-stroke ambulance, Peter Beardsley, a Scottish tale and more of the usual stuff…

Live at Leicester Square – how to get it

We’ve released our first live video, filmed in London in November 2017. It is 75 minutes long and contains swearing.

1) Go here

2) Buy or rent the video. If you buy it, there’s also a download option. If you rent it, you can watch it for up 72 hours.

3) Watch and enjoy the video

If you’ve got any problems, drop us a line and we’ll help you out.

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Episode 54: Crunch Crunch Ooops

German shampoo, vending machines, Harry Kane goes up against the Klopp Tops, Dom Littlewood hosts a brand new quiz, an update from Peter Beardsley and loads more…

Episode 52: Three Foot Christmas Tree

We’ve got car-scrapping chat, a look in on the British Managers Club, Lenny Biscuits visits Argos, Barry Homeowner sings his CV and there’s an update from Peter Beardsley…

Episode 50: The Guy Rowland Salvage Job

This episode was almost destroyed by microphone-knack during its recording and only exists thanks to the painstaking sound restoration work of Guy Rowland. If you encounter him in real life, give him a little kiss from us. Or thank him on Twitter at @guyrowlanduk.

Episode 48: Milk’s Off!

An upsetting cinema visit, a kidnap, the kiss of life, some chocolate bar bother, the return of Vince Parsnips and much more…

Episode 47: Lawrissey’s Ironmongers

Lawro and Morrissey team up with a new business, the Liverpool gang share some grooming tips, the Secret Soccer Superstar returns and Bob spies on Pierce Morgan again…